Red Cardinal Brooch Pin
Red Cardinal Brooch Pin

Red Cardinal Brooch Pin

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The Red Cardinal songbirds stay with their mates for life. The male Red Cardinal feeds the female beak-to-beak during courtship and responds to her song by getting her juicy bites. The crimson red color comes directly from their diet of berries and will fade away if they are unable to find them

This beautiful handmade red cardinal brooch pin by Trovelore features beads, sequins, and thread in varying shades of reds and browns. A black felt backing makes it super lightweight. 

Read about Trovelore and the incredible artistry & skills that go into making this unique hand crafted item. Due it's handmade nature, slight variations in embroidery, size, shape, and color may occur. 

  • Measures 2.6" x .8"
  • Includes informational gift box
  • Handmade
  • Faire Trade 

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