About Elle Crée

Elle Crée -- or “she creates” in French -- produces artist quality paint-by-number kits designed and made in Portland, Oregon by illustrator Rachel Austen. Featuring a diverse array of illustrations, each kit includes non-toxic hand-mixed acrylic paints and minimal, eco-friendly packaging.

What makes their kits unique?

  • Each kit includes an artist quality canvas and reusable synthetic sable hair paint brushes 

  • Their high quality acrylic paints are hand-mixed and feature 8 custom colors 

  • elle crée uses locally sourced components and USA-made materials whenever possible 

  • Kits are made responsibly with minimal, eco-friendly packaging 

  • Paint by number kits are perfect for those in need of a creative outlet, relaxation, or self-care 

  • They’re philanthropic! 5% of their net profits are donated to various social and eco causes.