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FREE SHIPPING with minimum purchase of $80. FREE LOCAL DELIVERY with any purchase of $35+
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About Us


Nest NOLA began in early 2019 as a brick & mortar specialty retail store located on historic Magazine Street in New Orleans, Louisiana. Featuring a unique and carefully curated selection of nature inspired art, jewelry, gifts, and home décor, Nest NOLA quickly became a destination spot for both locals and tourists alike.

Our product collections include handmade jewelry, unique accessories, home décor, and more, much of which is made with natural, eco-friendly, recycled and up-cycled materials. We celebrate the beauty of nature and do our part to protect the environment, and support artists & craftspeople that do the same.

In March of 2020, just as we were celebrating our one-year anniversary, government officials issued a mandatory shut down order for all non-essential businesses due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The shutdown combined with the cancellation of all public events in New Orleans for the remainder of the year, led to a severe drop in business with no end in site. Like many other small businesses in America, we were faced with some very difficult decisions. Nest NOLA was a long-time dream for founder Beth Kensel, and it looked as if that dream was about to come to an end.

We quickly applied for several grants and emergency loans designed to help small businesses survive the pandemic. When we were finally allowed to reopen, business was very, very slow and continued to be so for months. The future was just too uncertain….

After careful consideration and many tears, the decision was made to close the brick and mortar store, move Nest NOLA online, and “pivot” our business model to survive.




~Marilyn Monroe


Nest NOLA is proud to be one of the first 200 out of a total of 1,000 recipients of a $5,000 grant from The Red Backpack Fund by The Spanx by Sarah Blakely Foundation. Applicants of the grant were asked a couple of important questions. If you were to receive the grant, how would you use the money? How does your business help others in the community?

It was during the process of answering these questions that we were inspired to FINE TUNE our focus and RESTRUCTURE our business plan to not only survive the pandemic, but also to help support other WOMEN OWNED and AMERICAN BASED small businesses in the process. 




We believe in working together with other small businesses. As with our nation, we are stronger together than we are apart.

Our artisan and handmade products come primarily from WOMEN OWNED, and LOCAL (Louisiana based) small businesses. All are MADE IN AMERICA. When you support Nest NOLA, you are supporting not just one, but many other American based artists, artisans, and small businesses.

THANK YOU so much for your support!

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