QUEORK is a women-owned, small business in New Orleans, LA that designs and manufactures sustainable cork goods.

The cork used to make Queork products comes from Portugal, where 70% of the world’s cork is harvested. Cork is lightweight, hypoallergenic, water and stain-resistant, mold resistant, durable, antimicrobial, and sustainable.

Founders Amanda Dailey and Julie Araujo found their inspiration for Queork during a visit to Julie's mother's home in Portugal. While visiting a local shop there, Amanda noticed a belt made from cork. Julie translated the special antimicrobial qualities of cork fabric while Amanda wondered if she might be able to find a cork collar to bring home to her dog Wally. When she couldn't find one, she had some made and herself and the rest is "her"story!

Cork Fabric

Cork is the outer bark of the cork oak tree which is harvested and then regrows, making cork one of the most sustainable products in the world. The fabric is made by taking layers of cork and sealing them to a cotton fabric using silicone, which is water and stain resistant and extremely durable. The cork used in Queork products comes from Portugal, where the majority of the world's cork oak trees grow.

To the touch, the fabric feels very similar to leather. However, the unique woodgrains and water/stain resistant silicone sealant make it easy to clean with a damp cloth. And, it will not absorb stains!

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